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About Us


"Pu Yu Lighting" brand, was founded in June 2006. Under the "Zhongshan City Longhua Plastics & Electronics Co. 's brand of lighting industry.

"Longhua Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd." is located in China's great revolutionary forerunner...

Pu Yu Lighting 2013 also received CE certification

Company's long-term quality objectives: Customers are satisfied with the product defect 2006-2013 quality objectives: product qualification 99.8% customer satisfaction rate of 90% "!

Good faith, self-reliance

Buy Pu Yu, you can also purchase online

Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall's many shopping sites can buy our products, please visit the online store!

Multi-channel communication and customer service

Listen to our official microblogging, attention to micro-letters, or through QQ, phone, email or website. You can contact us, oh!

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Longhua Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd.

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